Acromag ACEX-4600 COM Express Carriers

Acromag’s rugged COM Express modular platform is designed with extra rigid PCBs and extended temperature support for extreme industrial and defence applications.

The ACEX-4600 Type 6 COM Express carrier cards employ a number of key features that are critical for successful use and applications in rugged environments.

High-density connectors provide all field connections to standard I/O, CPU, and PMC/XMC module(s). This connector offers both a high-density (500 connections) and high-speed interface (10GHz) required to support Type 6 COM modules. The SEARAY connector supports both board-to-board and cable interfaces.

These carrier cards are ready for conduction cooling. Developers can install a CPU, carrier and expansion boards into a completely sealed enclosure. a
heat dissipation approach has been
developed to meet the cooling needs of all three components.

Another vital feature is the on-board DC/DC
power supply. The carrier card operates from a single external 10-32V DC power
source. All internal supply voltages are derived from this single external DC
power source and built onto the carrier card.


  1. Mix and Match endless combinations in a single
  2. Linux, Windows, and VxWorks support.
  3. Sample Software and diagnoses.
  4. Solid Down connector I/O Interface. (No Flimsy
    Ribbon Cables)
  5. -40 to 85¡C Standard operating temperature.
  6. A/D, D/A, serial communication, counter/timers
    and FPGA

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