Rydell introduces the NEW uni-chains M-OWL plastic modular belt

Rydell are the exclusive Australian stockist / distributor for the comprehensive range
of uni-chains (Ammeraal Beltech Modular) plastic modular belting (PMB) and

have recently developed the NEW M-OWL plastic modular belt which is suited for
conveying bread loaves in the bakery industry as well as other food processing

The main features and benefits of the
NEW uni-chains M-OWL belt:

  • 12.7mm (0.5 inch) pitch –
    suitable for 19mm (0.75 inch) diameter nosebars or “roller supported”
    in-line transfers, 10mm diameter nosebars are possible
  • 40% open area – increased
    airflow, drainage and cleaning
  • 8% surface contact area –
    reduction in product sweating, product sticking and crumb retention
  • Belt edge guard – prevents
    snagging of belt edges
  • Semi Open Hinge – sprockets drive
    against closed hinge face which avoids pushing dirt into hinge and pin
  • Curved belt base profile – offers
    smoother nose bar transfer, reduced chordal effect, prevents adhesion
    against wear strips and offers improved airflow

M-OWL plastic modular belting is an ideal choice for transporting and
processing applications needing small in-line transfers combined with an open
belt surface support area plus low product to belt surface contact.

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