ICP Electronics Australia Presents ICP DAS’s WP-9000 Series Win-GRAF Embedded PAC

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s WP-9000 Series Win-GRAF embedded PAC. The WinPAC-9000 Series is the new generation Windows CE 7.0 based PAC developed by ICP DAS. Each WP-9000 is equipped with a Cortex-A8 (1.0 GHz) CPU that runs Windows CE 7.0 operating system, it also features a variety of input/output ports (VGA, USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485), and 2/4/8 expansion I/O slots that can be used to integrate high-performance I-9K (parallel-type) or I-97K (serial-type) series I/O modules.

The WP-9000 series PACs are capable of running Win-GRAF (IEC 61131-3 Standard) software to develop logic control applications, and also supporting M.S. VS 2008 software (VB .NET, C#) to develop HMI and data management applications that can exchange data with Win-GRAF applications.

Furthermore, the WP-9000 is equipped with a rugged and dustproof RJ-45 connector on the LAN1 port that can protect against both liquid and dust contaminants in harsh industrial environments, as well as protection against vibration and shock. Also, WP-9000 Series has the spring clamp terminal block that is used for the Power/Communication connector in the WP-9000, offering advantages including anti-vibration, stable clamping, and easier installation.


  • Cortex-A8 1.0 GHz CPU
  • Windows CE 7.0
  • Memory Size:
  • SDRAM (512 MB)
  • Flash (256 MB)
  • SD Card (support up to 32 GB)
  • VGA Port x 1, USB 2.0 port x 2, Series port (RS-232/RS-485) x 4
  • Dual Ethernet Ports (10/100M/1G)
  • 64-bit Hardware Serial Number
  • Dual Wtchdog Timers
  • Support eLogger HMI
  • Redundant Power Input
  • Ultra-Rugged Construction and Reliable Design

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