Erabond primer preventing corrosion on metal substrates

Erabond 6100FC (Fast Cure) from Era Polymers is a fast
curing primer formulated specifically for the surface treatment of metal

Successful surface treatments begin with primers and proper preparation
of the substrate. An anti-corrosion metal primer, Erabond 6100FC (Fast
Cure) provides substrate protection against corrosion, extending

In addition to anti-corrosive properties, Erabond 6100FC (Fast
Cure) metal primers also provide excellent chemical and impact resistance.
The primer offers outstanding adhesion between spray applied polyurethane/ polyurea
thick film coatings and properly prepared steel, ductile iron and galvanised
steel substrates.

A fast curing two-component PU primer with a convenient 1:1 mix ratio by
volume, Erabond 6100FC (Fast Cure) will typically cure within 2-3
hours of application at 25¡C.

For more information about Erabond 6100FC (Fast Cure) primer,
please visit or call +61 2 9666 3788.

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