Klingstone¨ Paths – A Solution to Footpath Maintenance

Klingstone¨ 400 is a single component, environmentally
friendly polyurethane that permanently binds and stabilises soil/sand by
essentially gluing the particles together.

Klingstone¨ 400 has the ability to bind aggregates of
varying sizes from pea gravel to sand particles so is suitable for a variety of
applications including:

Pea Gravel Pathways – Retains the natural look of pea
gravel. Resulting in an aesthetically
pleasing, safe & functional surfacing.

Pathways around structures e.g. Tree Pits – Creates
Soil Stabilisation

Areas prone to high erosion – Walking Tracks, Creek Crossings, High
Traffic Areas

Klingstone¨ 400 – A Solution to Footpath Maintenance

Easy to Apply – Requires no specialised training for

Single Component – No mixing required

Moisture Cured – Reacts with moisture in the air to
cure completely

Inert once cured – Becomes a solid resin

Two Grades – Grade used will depend on application

Era Polymers manufacture Klingstone¨ under licence in
Australia which means local delivery times!

For more information contact Era Polymers on 02 9666 3788 or
email erapol@erapol.com.au, www.erapol.com.au

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