Exterior Mirror Adjuster for Agricultural Machinery

flexibly and noiselessly adjust exterior mirrors

agricultural vehicles, such as tractors with trailers, must often maneuver
backwards in places with a limited view. There isn’t always a second person
ready to help the driver. But even in urban environments, it is often difficult
for transportation vehicles, buses or large trucks to maintain a view when
reversing. That makes functional, flexible exterior mirrors are all the more

its innovative exterior mirror adjusters, Ketterer has developed a solution
that ensures optimal and safe rear vision. The exterior mirror can be
completely extended or retracted from inside the vehicle in just six seconds by
pressing a button – and with a very low noise level. This is made possible by a
gear motor with a spindle and a spindle nut, producing a linear motion.

gear unit is compact and can withstand temperatures of -27 to +60¡C. Thanks to
the robust design, the exterior mirror adjuster is virtually maintenance free.

contact T.E.A. Transmissions for additional information.

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