Andor’s Spectroscopy Systems from Scitech

Engineered from the outset with “ease-of-use” in
mind, every Andor Spectroscopy system features a combination of market leading
detectors and spectrographs, seamlessly controlled through Andor’s dedicated
and intuitive Solis software platform. From configuration of these pre-aligned,
pre-calibrated instruments to integration into each unique laboratory set-up,
Andor Spectroscopy solutions allow researchers to focus quickly on their own
challenges. Various accessories are also available for these systems.

Range of Andor
Spectrographs include:

Spectrograph Series

Andor Shamrock 193i, 303i, 500i and 750 imaging spectrographs are research-grade,
high performance
and rugged platforms designed for working with demanding low-light
applications, but
equally suited to routine measurements.

Mechelle 5000 Spectrograph

Andor’s Mechelle ME5000 Echelle spectrograph has been
designed to provide simultaneous recording of a wide wavelength range (200-975 nm) in one
acquisition. It has no moving components and is available in a pre-aligned
detector/spectrometer format. The Andor Mechelle spectrograph is based on the echelle grating principal.

HoloSpec F/1.8
Imaging Spectrograph

superb light collection efficiency capabilities of the superfast F/1.8 Andor
HoloSpec spectrograph
platform offers the most sensitive and versatile detection solution on the
market for Visible
or Near-Infrared spectroscopy.

Range of
Spectroscopy Detectors for Andor Spectrographs include:

  • Newton CCD, iDus CCD and inGaAs
  • NewtonEM & iXon EMCCD
  • iStar ICCD camera
  • Zyla camera

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