AutoJet antimicrobial spray system simplifying sanitation in food manufacturing

The AutoJet antimicrobial spray system from Spraying Systems Co. helps
food manufacturers extend the shelf life of their packaged products by
preventing contamination.

Sanitation is an ongoing process in any food manufacturing plant, not
only to reduce spoilage by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, but also to extend
the shelf life of the packaged product. Employing an AutoJet antimicrobial
spray system helps the food facility control and monitor their sanitation
program with ease.

The AutoJet antimicrobial spray system helps reduce manufacturing
expenses and controls pathogens while ensuring a quality finished product.

The AutoJet antimicrobial spray system is used to spray a precise dose
of antimicrobial agent into a vacuum package before the meat or poultry product
is inserted to increase the packed product’s shelf life by up to 40 per cent.

The AutoJet’s PulsaJet spray nozzles deliver multiple shot sizes of the
proper dosage of the agent from 5ml to 40ml, with the assistance of the
system’s touch screen controller.

Certified and validated by the USDA/ARS, AutoJet anti microbial spray
systems can be easily integrated into existing processing lines.

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