Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy from Magnet Sales Australia

The Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy available from Magnet Sales Australia is being successfully used as a magnetic cable storage solution throughout Australian industry.
/> The Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy was launched in 2008.  

The Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy is an innovative range of magnetic cable storage solutions that uses a high powered rare earth magnet and can be attached to any metallic surface above or below ground. The Cable-Mate helps increase workplace safety in diverse industrial environments.  

Designed to increase electrical safety, the Cable-Mate magnetic cable storage tools can prevent electrocution at the workplace caused by sharp objects cutting into electrical leads left lying on the floor.  

The Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy comes in a bright orange colour for easy recognition and location.  

Suitable for use as a permanent or temporary storage solution of cables and leads, the Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy is constructed of HPDE plastic (strapping) and can support 20-25kg per unit, allowing the storage of multiple cables, leads and hoses.  

The Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy enables organisations to promote increased safety in a simple, economical and effective way.

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