Contactless torque sensor now with handy configuration and evaluation software

Bestech Australia presents contactless torque sensors featuring a
bearing-less design to eliminate signal falsification as well as minimise maintenance.

Rotating torque transducers with non-contact transmission are served as
active sensors with integrated measuring amplifiers. Bearing-less transducers ensure
that under high speeds, friction won’t falsify the measurement result.

Digital sensors with RS485 have high noise immunity even with very long
connection cables, while sensors with a USB interface excel in displaying data
and connecting to a PC for further software analysis.

Key features of the DR-3001 contactless USB torque sensors include digital
signal transmission from rotor to stator; bearing-free design eliminating signal
falsification; ability to measure speed up to 4000 min-1 offering high
torsional stiffness and high accuracy of 0.1% of full scale; ideal for mobile
operation with a laptop; nominal torque from 0.1 Nm to 5000 Nm; up to 2500 measurements;
feed-in from USB, without external power supply; drive-square socket; output-square
drive; and very short axial length.

Special versions of the USB torque sensors are
available on request.

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