Fast, easy and intuitive assembly of office desks

Traditionally, it takes 2×6 screws to mount two columns to the top frame of the desk. With Kick & Click, neither screws nor tools are needed. The parts of the Kick & Click system are simply kicked and clicked together. This means savings for our customers.

Significant Time Savings

The Kick & Click system is fast and much easier to assemble compared to a traditional system. This also counts if you compare Kick & Click with the current way of assembling LINAK¨ columns to a top frame. Mr. V. Brokop from Giesselmann, a German company that produces frames for height adjustable desks, tested the new Kick & Click system.

“I estimate that we save around 10-12 minutes per desk assembled. 10-12 minutes may not seem as much, but when we have an order for e.g. 150 desks the time saved is around 25 hours. That is a lot!”

The uniqueness all lies in the innovative way of mounting. The simple fact that we have gone from 12 screws to no screws when mounting the columns, leads to a significant reduction in assembly time with up to 50 %.

Kick – Click – Done
Curious of how fast it can be done? Watch the video and see how fast and easy an office desk is assembled. The Kick & Click system consists of few parts and it is intuitive to assemble with pre-marked positions. 

Read much more about Kick & Click.

For further information, please contact your local LINAK subsidiary or distributor.

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