Hylec releases new concrete compression test machine

Hylec Controls announces the launch of a new range of concrete
compression test machines from Form + Test, a German manufacturer of high
quality material testing machines and test systems for over 55 years.

The new Beta 5 is a concrete compression test machine comprising of a
very sturdy 4-column frame with minimal deflection and a new seal design with a
10-year lifespan. Designed as a cost-effective solution, the Beta 5 is suitable
for smaller laboratories with reduced volumes of testing, and is not designed
for testing high strength samples (above 80MPa).

Key features of Beta 5 concrete compression test machines include spherical
top platen that will align to offset samples and samples not completely flat,
helping meet the strain cylinder stability test; compression frame providing
high accuracy (grade A) force measurement across the testing range of 60kN to
3000kN using a vector drive; and a new design controller allowing direct USB
interfacing with current QestLabLims systems.

The Beta 5 is recommended for conducting compression
strength tests on concrete cylinders, cubes, and cores as well as natural stone

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