ILME CR BDSH parallel bridges reducing installation and wiring effort

Industrial automation makes extensive use of sensors and actuators to
analyse, control and manage a wide variety of production processes. ILME’s CR
BDSH parallel bridges from Treotham address the growing demand for a
technological solution that significantly reduces installation time and wiring

Installed on the connectors of the ILME CDSH series, the CR BDSH bridges
reduce the number of connections inside a control panel, creating an electrical
connection in parallel for low voltage circuits that require, for example, a
common extra-low voltage feed, or the return of the neutral circuits or of
functional earth.

The combination of a parallel connection applied to ILME SQUICH
technology without tools avoids the need to wire each sensor/ actuator
individually and further reduces the overall working time and costs: only one
wire is needed and all the others are shunted together by the CR BDSH parallel

The new series of CR BDSH bridges is available in two colours – blue and
green identified by the suffix A and G – and four-dimensional formats of 3, 6,
9 and 14 poles, depending on the connector chosen or the specific application.
The enamelled insulating coating allows an electrical rating according to EN/IEC
61984 of 50V 0.8 kV 3.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 1300 65 75

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