Magnet Sales Australia releases new ground clamp

Magnet Sales Australia introduces the new Magswitch switchable
magnetic ground/earth clamp designed to turn on and off with a simple turn of a
knob without batteries or electricity.

The new magnetic technology in the Magswitch switchable
magnetic ground/earth clamp allows welders to set up, weld and move on to the
next job in a flash.

Stocked by Magnet Sales Australia, the new Magswitch technology
saves time and money with quick and easy set-up, connect and disconnect.
Designed to earth instantly, the switchable magnetic ground clamp eliminates
the need to tack on tabs in large sheet weld or pipe jobs.

The welder only needs to place the Magswitch switchable
magnetic ground/earth clamp on a work surface, turn it on and start welding. Simplifying
the process of welding even further, the Magswitch attaches easily to flat and
round surfaces.

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