MPL’s new managed 10-port Gigabit switches

Backplane Systems Technology presents MPL’s µMAGBES managed 10-port Gigabit switch featuring a built-in
19″ 1U rack, and EN 50155 rail certification.

The universal
managed 10-port Gigabit switch family (µMAGBES) is widely used in harsh environments
such as railways, defence or maritime applications. The new 19″ 10-port
M12 solution features a compact and rugged construction.

This new solution is
designed for long-term availability, extended temperature capability,
flexibility, and low power requirements.

The µMAGBES can be
operated in a master-slave configuration, creating a flexible system with a cascaded
switch, and making it easy to increase the number of ports. The 1U 19″
solution is available with 10 manageable ports. In the event more ports are
required, a 2U housing will be provided. Internally, all LAN lines are equipped
with lockable headers and are straight connected to the X-coded M12 connector.

The standard input
power of the µMAGBES is 5-36VDC – the 10-port switch uses less than 6W at full
speed. The fanless switch solution is operational in an environment of -20¡C up
to +60¡C, and optionally even at -40¡C to +85¡C.

MPL’s µMAGBES managed
10-port Gigabit switch is configurable via web interface (including SSL), Telnet,
SNMP (including SNMPv3) or RS232/USB (CLI). Key features also include port-based
and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN; IEEE 802.1D rapid spanning tree protocol; IEEE 802.1X MAC
address checking; port monitoring; switch statistics; firmware update via HTTP
or TFTP; downloadable and up-loadable configuration files in XML format; and GMPv3

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