New affordable Robolink D components kit from igus for humanoid robots

Treotham introduces the new affordable modular Robolink D components kit
from igus, designed to help developers build a fully articulated robotic arm.

A direct drive articulated joint kit, the new Robolink D components kit allows
developers to easily configure and build a fully articulated plastic or
aluminium robot arm, with up to six degrees of freedom. The arms have been
designed to operate safely in collaborative applications with human co-workers
to enhance productivity.

The new D generation has evolved considerably from the first generation
Robolink W, which relied on wires. The new Robolink D uses directly driven
joints with the direct drive making it tougher and more durable than ever
before, opening up more opportunities for lean automation. Robolink D also
offers greater precision, can handle loads up to 4kg, and is suitable for a
broad range of applications from automotive to medical sectors.

Key features of the Robolink D components kit include articulated joints
driven by worm gears, with steppor motors optionally built into them; based on
self-lubricated PRT slewing ring bearings, with the joints driven by a worm
gear drive and NEMA 17 or 23 steppor motor; choice of three joint sizes – 20,
30 and 50; and different connection elements made of plastic or steel provided.

Robolink D allows a high degree of flexibility to be maintained,
regardless of the kit’s use in the form of individual components, or as a
complete solution. The designer can select their own control solution from the many
options available including steppor motor control cards, PLCs or educational

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