New Lukas shark tooth spreaders in a lighter, more powerful design

PT Hydraulics Australia introduces two new shark tooth spreaders from
the Lukas eDRAULIC second generation rescue tools range featuring a lighter but
more powerful design.

The new shark tooth spreaders from Lukas Rescue, Lukas SP333 and Lukas
SP555 are available in both battery and conventional hydraulic options.
Offering increased power compared to their predecessors, the rescue tools
feature a new shark tooth tip design with four rows of sharp teeth that
maximise the bite and grip during spreading applications and also speed up the
job at hand.

The SP333 and SP555 shark tooth spreaders also have the squeezing plates
integrated directly into the spreader arms. These plates now come as a standard
feature and are particularly useful when the tools are being used to crush
steel and other materials.

The Lukas rescue tools include: SP333E2, 12% lighter and 20% stronger than
the SP300E2; SP333, 23% lighter and 20% stronger than the SP300; SP555E2, 16% lighter
and 4% stronger than the SP310E2; and SP555, 18% lighter and 13% stronger than
the SP310.

Please visit the PTRescue website for more information on Lukas eDRAULIC second generation
rescue tools.

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