Rydell now distributing Gates Polychain Carbon Volt belts

Rydell is a major stockist/ distributor of the comprehensive range of
Gates industrial and automotive belts and hoses. The Gates Polychain Carbon
Volt belts are part of this range.

Antistatic power transmission belts are a must in volatile environments.
Power transmission belts that meet the ISO 9563 standard for static electricity
are only required to meet that level when new; once the belts are in use, their
antistatic properties decrease dramatically.

Gates Polychain Carbon Volt belts offer a safer and stronger solution,
delivering the power and performance assured by a Gates Polychain system, as
well as industry-leading reliable dissipation of electrostatic charges.

In lab testing of industrial belts from major manufacturers that met ISO
9563, the capacity to dissipate static severely diminished long before the
typical end of functional life. Gates Polychain Carbon Volt belts have proven to
maintain static conductivity to ISO 9563 levels many times longer than the
competition, increasing safety and ensuring peace of mind.

Gates Polychain Carbon Volt belts meet the ISO 9563 standard when new,
and maintain it for an extended period of time – a performance unmatched by any
other rubber or polyurethane belt.

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