Scitech releases Lambert Instruments high speed cameras

Scitech introduces the Lambert
HS Series, a new line of high speed cameras from Lambert Instruments featuring a
high resolution sensor. The Lambert HS540M and HS540S cameras offer simple and
efficient high-speed imaging for scientific research, R&D, machine vision
and industrial applications.

Lambert HS540M

Lambert HS540M high speed
cameras feature up to 16 GB of internal storage and are recommended for scientific
research and industrial R&D. After data is recorded, the high speed video
can be reviewed and trimmed before exporting it to a computer.

Lambert HS540S

A streaming high-speed camera
for industrial applications, the Lambert HS540S is designed for high- performance
tasks such as machine vision, quality control and wafer inspection. Instead of
saving the images to internal storage, the camera streams high-speed video
directly to a computer over a CoaXPress (CXP) interface. Using Power over CSP (PoCXP),
the camera can be powered over the CoaXPress channels, eliminating the need for
a dedicated power cable.

Lambert HS Series

Key features of Lambert HS540M
and HS540S high speed cameras include high-speed CMOS sensor recording full resolution
images (1696 x 1710 pixels) at 540 fps; ability to deliver frame rates up to
17000 fps by using a smaller part of the sensor to reduce image resolution; electronic
global shutter and minimum exposure time of 2us ensuring sharp images of
fast-moving objects; support for digital imaging standards simplifying
integration into an automated setup; and Generic Interface for Cameras
(GenICam) offering a universal programming interface for controlling camera
settings and retrieving recorded data. 

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