Scitech releases Lumenera Infinity 4-11C Digital Colour CCD Camera

INFINITY4 camera series offers a large format megapixel Kodak sensor with large
pixels, making
it the perfect choice for demanding high resolution imaging requiring excellent
colour rendition.

include a 12-bit digital output, binning, progressive scan electronic shutter,
full exposure control,
programmable gain, sub-windowing and region of interest.

INFINITY4-11 boasts excellent colour rendition, making it ideal for life
science, clinical, and industrial

INFINITY4-11 digital color CCD camera is based on the Kodak KAI-11002 10.7 megapixel
sensor. Matching the large field of view of a 35mm camera, this USB 2.0 camera offers
3.5 frames per second at full 4008 x 2672 resolution, fast 60 fps through
binning and ROI, and
on-board processing for superior image quality.

video preview provides for real-time focus while auto exposure and auto white
balance efficiently
capture your optimal image. A USB 2.0 digital interface ensures a simple
plug-and-play installation.
No framegrabber required!

high quality images through Lumenera’s INFINITY ANALYZE – an advanced image capture,
measurement and processing software package that is included with your camera.

INFINITY4-11 can also be fully integrated with other third-party imaging
applications through a
TWAIN driver and MAC plug-in.

custom coupler engineered for all microscope models is available for the
INFINITY4-11. This F-mount
coupler allows you to take full advantage of this high resolution camera by
ensuring that the
entire 43mm field of view is visible.

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