SICK releases W100-2 versatile miniature photoelectric sensors with large sensing ranges

The new W100-2 miniature photoelectric sensors from SICK
offer an excellent and economical sensing solution for detection applications.

Compatible with all standard detection principles including
through-beam photoelectric sensors, photoelectric retro-reflective sensors,
photoelectric retro-reflective sensors for detecting transparent objects,
energetic sensors, and sensors with background blanking, the W100-2 features a housing
design consisting of M3 threaded mounting holes spaced one inch apart to allow
for straightforward, standardised, and inexpensive mounting.

photoelectric proximity sensor with long sensing range

The energetic WT100-2 photoelectric proximity sensor
features long sensing ranges of up to 1.2m.

detection: photoelectric proximity sensor with background blanking

The WT100-2 photoelectric retro-reflective sensor with
background blanking ensures reliable detection while simultaneously blanking

retro-reflective sensor with long sensing range

The WL100-2 photoelectric retro-reflectivesensor
features long sensing ranges of over 7m on the PL80A reflector.

retro-reflective sensor for detecting transparent objects

The WL100-2 photoelectric retro-reflective sensor for
detecting transparent objects features reliable switching and long sensing
ranges for transparent materials.

photoelectric sensor with long sensing range

The WS/WE100-2 through-beam photoelectric sensor
features long sensing ranges of over 30m.

W100-2 miniature photoelectric sensors

Commissioning of all the sensors is simplified with the
bright, visible light spot, the clearly visible status indicator LEDs and the
integrated M3 threaded mounting hole. The photoelectric sensor is suitable for
executing numerous tasks: Options in terms of switching output (PNP or NPN) and
connectors (male connector, M8, 3-pin; male connector, M8, 4-pin; cable, 2m),
light/dark switching and sensitivity adjustment allow for a wide variety of
sensor variants. The extensive range of accessories also opens up a diverse
spectrum of application possibilities.

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