TechRentals now providing multimeters

Test and measurement equipment
specialist TechRentals offers the Fluke 28II Ex IS digital multimeters for

The Fluke 28II Ex is a
completely sealed, IP67 rated, intrinsically safe digital multimeter
recommended for hazardous environments found in the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical

Key features of Fluke 28II Ex IS
digital multimeters include True-RMS readings for AC voltage and current for
accurate measurement of non-linear signals; ability to handle frequency
measurements to 200 kHz; measurement up to 1000V, 10A AC and DC; 10,000 µF
capacitance range; Ex certifications from world-leading certification bodies;
and backlit keypad and large bright display.

The Fluke 28II Ex IS digital multimeters
are used for testing applications involving resistance, conductance, diodes,
capacitance, and temperature.

A wide range of test and measurement equipment
can be rented from TechRentals for a day, a month, a year or more. Significant
savings can be achieved with TechRentals’ new long-term rental rates.

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