The All-New MS6-E2M Modules Makes Saving Energy in Compressed Air Systems – Easy

Reduce energy consumption with the M6-E2M service module – Festo’s innovative new unit designed to firmly keep compressed air under control.

Intelligent, efficient and state-of-the-art in features; the module MSE6-E2M is an exciting combination of service units, sensors and fieldbus technology.

Festo’s Service Unit Module MS6-E2M features:

  • Automatic leakage detection in piping systems, enabling the user to carry out maintenance work when needed
  • Energy efficient module that detects any pressure drops equal to a value pre-defined by user
  • Measured values for flow rates, air consumption and pressure can be viewed at any given time
  • Online monitoring of process-relevant data
  • User-specified parameters on detection of E2M results in a dramatic drop in wastage of compressed air during down time

This cutting-edge service unit system is fully automated and regulates operating parameters in new and existing plants, effectively. 

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