WheelieSafe now with free-wheeling hubs

WheelieSafe has introduced its latest model of electric bin trolleys,
featuring free-wheeling hubs that allow the trolley to be moved without running
the motors and consuming power. The new free-wheeling hub feature allows the
trolley to be operated without power when the bins are empty or when it’s not

WheelieSafe supplies a range of manual and electric bin trolleys. The
two electric models include a standard model for home use and a heavy duty version
for multi-residential, commercial, industrial or institutional environments.

Twin 180w x 24v electric motors power these electric bin trolleys, which
also feature a tilt load-bearing third wheel that allows the trolley to take
the whole load the whole time. Both models can handle a 120kg load up a 25%
slope. The standard model can carry up to three 240-litre bins.

The heavy duty model has two battery sets – a 15ah main set and a 7.6ah
backup that can be charged independently. This trolley is also capable of
carrying up to four 240-litre bins and will operate continuously for 90 minutes
between charges. 

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