Winmate’s new IP69K stainless steel P-Series displays

Backplane Systems Technology introduces Winmate’s new IP69K stainless steel P-Series displays
designed for demanding environments.

The IP69K stainless P-Series
displays feature screen sizes ranging from 10.4″ to 23.8″, with the P-Cap touchscreen
ensuring a user-friendly multi-touch experience. The P-Series is engineered as the
perfect terminal for operations that demand uncompromising hygiene
requirements, such as in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

The IP69K P-Series display
consists of SUS304 stainless steel, with the IP69K-rated water, dust and corrosion-proof
housing withstanding extensive washdowns and also offering corrosion resistance
against cleaning agents, especially during close-range high-pressure (up to 30
Bar) and high temperature (up to 80¡C) washdowns.

The projective capacitive technology of the P-Series delivers excellent
responsive performance, even in extreme environments by supporting multi-touch
and allowing for the user to operate it easily with fingers.

The P-Series boasts versatile mounting options including Yoke and VESA mount
for installation in diverse industrial settings.

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