Wired for Wonder Commonwealth Bank of Australia Product Launch at NIDA

The Allplastics Team produced a top team effort by fabricating and installing Silver EuroMir® for a product launch by the CBA at NIDA in Kensington. It forms an astonishing curved wall with an eye-catching look in the lobby. The final result of the architectural design was a great success according to customers. It had many positive remarks; as well as receiving incredible reviews.

The idea of this architectural design came from THE DESIGNING WOMAN Kerri Ainsworth. You can see more of Kerri’s designs at http://thedesigningwoman.com.au/

The product that is used is called EuroMir®, which is a high quality European grade Acrylic Mirror. It is available in a range of colours, in both gloss and satin finishes, and comes with a tough durable back coating. EuroMir® is an ideal material for applications and venues where glass mirror is not safe to use due to breakages or difficulty of handling. EuroMir® comes in a sheet size of 3000 x 2000mm and 3mm thickness.

This is really a unique kind of project, because an Architectural product is combined with an Engineering expertise. The Silver EuroMir® boxes are connected to each other with our own machined Acetal connectors. Acetal is a hard engineering plastic with high tensile strength and rigidity, excellent machining ability and versatility of application.

Let Allplastics handle your next project where uniqueness and quality finish is required.

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