The testo 745 non-contact voltage tester

The new range of electrical products by Testo features the testo 745 non-contact voltage tester, a reliable tool that addresses both of these concerns.

The testo 745 provides a measurement range up to 1,000 volts and is optimised for the instant and initial checking of any sources where a fault may be suspected. If voltage is detected, the device emits a warning through both acoustic and visual signals.

Never lose track of your tools or measurements

Many of the scenarios that raise the need to take electrical measurements will inherently involve some level of darkness. You may be testing the voltage inside an electrical cabinet and need to accurately and quickly determine the correct area to measure. Or perhaps you could be taking a reading on a compressor where the cables are nestled into a darkened corner.

Or perhaps you could be taking a reading on a compressor where the cables are nestled into a darkened corner.

To address this safety concern, the testo 745 comes equipped with measuring point illumination, providing the user with the ability to take accurate measurement without having to search around in potentially dangerous darkness.

“If voltage is detected, the testo 745 emits a warning through both acoustic and visual signals”

Above and beyond normal standards

As with all Testo products, the testo 745 meets current electrical standards, both EN 61010-1 and IEC 61326, while providing water and dust protection in accordance with protection class IP 67. The device has a voltage testing range of 50 to 1,000 V when in a finding phase, and 12 to 1,000 V for general voltage detection – this adjustable feature offers greater flexibility in taking electrical readings.

To maximise the reliability of the product, the testo 745 is equipped with a filter for high-frequency interference signals. This is thanks to the built-in Low Pass Filter, which reduces the risk of false readings and greatly improves the ability to always take fast, accurate measurements.

A new electrical range from Testo

The testo 745 is just one tool included in an exciting collection of electrical testing and measurement devices from Testo. Providing simpler and safer electrical detection technology, the Testo family of products includes innovative automatic multimeters, revolutionary clamp meters and the first voltage tester to also measure current.

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