Abrasive Power Tools Specifically Design for Versatile Performance

With an extensive range of Abrasive Grinding and Polishing Tools, 111 Abrasives Australia offer solutions for a range of industries and applications.


With an extensive
range of Abrasive Grinding and Polishing Tools, 111 Abrasives Australia offer
solutions for a range of industries, specifically designed for versatile

Versatile and reliable abrasive power tool solutions from 111 Abrasives Australia

The Poly-PTX 800 is a multi-functional, linear grinder/polisher that can be applied on open or closed pipe constructions

  • Variable speed from
    950-3,700rpm with easy adjustment during operation
  • Ideal for surface
    grinding, sanding, polishing, matte
  • Removes welds, deep
    scratches, rust, dirt, paint and oxyde layers
  • Able to be used on
    non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, bronze and aluminium as well as wood
  • Applicable to closed
    and open pipe and tube constructions
  • Eco-Smart adaptor
    available to fit up to 150mm wide wheels

Designed for heavy industrial use, the Varilex WSF 1800 is the most powerful angle grinder in its class with a motor up to 1750 Watt

  • Variable speed from
  • Speed adjustment
    eliminates potential damage to the item being grinded
  • Ergonomically,
    vibration-reduced rubber handgrip

Ideal for fine grinding work and grinding small parts in hard to reach spots, the Mini Max range of surface grinders and polishers are suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Longitudinal
  • Flexible shaft
  • Mini angle grinding
  • Circular grinding
    and polishing
  • Circular shaft
    cutting and grinding

The new Varilex 905 is a compact angle grinder that is easy to transport, powerful and perfect for on-site use

  • Variable speed
    between 2000 and 8000rpm
  • Effective capacity
    for flap discs up to 125mm
  • Ideal for abrasives
    such as flap discs, cleaning discs, fleece discs and felt discs

The Varilex WSF 900 Duo is a single tool with three functions as an angle grinder, longitudinal grinder and belt roller, offering incredible versatility

  • Variable speed
    between 2000 to 5000rpm
  • Unit weight of 1.8kg
  • Angle grinder with
    high torque and adaptor for the mini-fix hook and loop system
  • Longitudinal grinder
    with Eco Smart Mounting for 50mm wide grinding rollers
  • Grinding belt roller
    for grinding and polishing pipes

The wide range of
power tools from 111 Abrasives Australia deliver efficient and versatile
solutions for commercial and residential applications and projects.