Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES)

Passive Wastewater Treatment Technology with Low Start-Up, Operation and Maintenance Costs

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Advanced Enviro-Septic™ is an
effective, passive onsite wastewater treatment system for residential,
commercial and community use.

The Cost

  • Smaller
    installations require smaller excavations, smaller crews, less time and
    less fill material
  • Light
    weight components install quickly and are easy to handle and transport
  • Never
    needs electricity or replacement media
  • Requires
    no expensive mechanisms, computer controls or maintenance contracts
  • Durable
    components made with a significant amount of recycled plastic, requiring
    no replacement and lasting indefinitely

The Design

  • Versatile products that offer a great number of
    installation options.
  • Can be used in many configurations and requires a
    smaller area than conventional systems.
  • Adaptable in size from the smallest seasonal residence
    to large commercial and community installations, mining camps, schools,
    hospitals, national parks, caravan parks, and service stations.
  • Can be installed in a Multi-Level™ configurations.

The Reliability

Technology uses an all natural process that requires no pumps filters or other
devices to effectively treat wastewater.

  • No movable parts to
    break down
  • No media to replace
  • No clogging
    bacterial surface
  • No electricity

The Unique Treatment

AES provide multiple living,
breathing ecosystems that treat wastewater contaminants before releasing
treated wastewater into the surrounding soils.

Advantages Over Other Systems

  • Combines
    treatment and dispersal into one small footprint
  • Costs
    much less to purchase and install
  • Adjusts easily to
    difficult sites and slopes
  • Treats wastewater
    more effectively
  • Installs more
  • Tested
    and certified by Third Party certification assessment bodies worldwide
  • No
    moving parts or computer controls to maintain
  • No
    mechanical devices
  • No
    replacement media
  • No


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