Anti-Vibration Mounts from Vibration Solutions

MC MECANOCAUCHO design and manufacture comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts for the effective reduction of structure borne noise.

Business Name: Vibration Solutions


AMC MECANOCAUCHO design and manufacture comprehensive
ranges of anti-vibration mounts based on metal to rubber bonded and moulded
rubber spring for the effective reduction of structure borne noise.

range of anti-vibration mounts are used in a range sectors and applications

  • Generation of electrical energy
  • Air compressors and blowers
  • Pumps and pumping equipment
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Machine tools
  • Marine propulsion and auxiliary equipment
  • Agricultural and construction equipment and
  • Acoustic isolation of premises

Vibrasorber + Sylomer
Mounts offer the characteristic of their own capacity being able to isolate
very low frequencies

  • Manufactured using steel spring that can provide
    very high deflections up to 50mm
  • Base plate is glued to a 12.5mm Sylomer pad
  • Eliminates sliding and improves the isolation of
    the element mainly at mid-high vibration frequencies that could be transmitted
    by the spring coil

The Sylomer pad dampens and isolates mid to high range
frequency vibrations that are transmitted through the coils of metal springs. Without
the isolation of these components, the frequencies will spread throughout the
buildings, structure or machinery and will generate noise. The steel spring
coating provides excellent properties with the different maximum load capacities
of the mounts able to be identified by different colour finishes.

The VSR + Sylomer Mounts
are ideal for use in applications where high isolation is demanded

  • Steel spring combined with the Sylomer pad
    provides excellent isolation for low, medium and high frequencies
  • Ideal for rotating machinery
  • Suitable for use in air conditioning units, fans
    and ventilators, compressors, pumps and generating sets

AMC MECANOCAUCHO develops products that provide solutions
in all types of machinery, both mobile or fixed, to protect people and the
environment from harmful effects of noise and vibration.

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