Connectivity Solutions from Turck Australia

Connectivity cables and accessories from Turck Australia offer fast connectivity in a broad range of networking applications.

Business Name: Turck Australia


Turck is a worldwide connectivity leader offering the industry’s broadest line of industrial connectors, communication cables and cord-sets. Turck provide networking devices for all network media requirements.

Comprehensive range of industrial connectivity solutions

  • Choose from a range of male and female connectors for rough process peripheries, such as flange and customisable types, connection cables, fold and block junctions
  • Cables and cord-sets available for diverse applications
  • A wide range of power cables available in various lengths
  • Turck have a female connector for every plug-gable TURCK sensor

Network Connectivity Accessories
Turck’s connectivity products are available with various accessories depending on the model. This includes Conduit Adapters, Cordsets, Field Wireables, Receptacles and Splitters.