Decorative Composite Translucent Panels by Allplastics

Decorative Composite Translucent Panels that are long lasting while providing architectural appeal


Allplastics are the authorised distributor of quality brands such as PEP-Core, Air Board and Stage Design Composite Translucent Panels.

Air Board Transparent Panels
Air Board transparent thermoplastic top sheets have the following benefits:

  • High resistance to impact
  • Durable bending
  • A range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Work with standard profiles
  • Suitable for use as door panels, display panels and floor panels indoors

Clear-PEP Colour Acrylic Sheets
These decorative panels come in a variety of colours, suitable for interiors and exteriors.

The acrylic top sheets can be used on both sides and have a range of thicknesses available.

Clear-PEP Satin Acrylic Top Sheets
Translucent panels available in opal, orange, green and blue. Benefits include:

  • Scratch resistant surfaces
  • Fingerprints aren seen
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Both sides can be used

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