Environmentally Friendly Flap Disc – PLANTEX


PLANTEX® | Universal Elastic Flap Discs are an eco friendly flap disc that cost no more than a conventional flap disc with glass fibre backing, but offer you considerable added value.


  • Longer service life and faster cutting rate due to the flexible backing, resulting in bigger contact surface area during grinding, improved heat dissipation and lower grinding temperatures.
  • Top quality abrasive material – 100% pure zircon.
  • Environmentally friendly backing disc that is better for the operators health; made of hemp fibre high tech compound.
  • PLANTEX® Universal Elastic Flap Discs are safe to use – no harmful glass fibre dust or resin vapours are produced during the grinding operation or trimming of the discs (smells similar to wood chips).

A common misconception! If you are currently using a 5 inch grinder you can still use 4½ inch flap discs, not only are these discs cheaper but extend the life of your angle grinder!

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