Handheld Tube Polishers, Pipe Grinders and Pipe Polishers by 111 Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd

Hand held equipment perfect for grinding and polishing metal tubes and pipes

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111 Abrasives Australia provides the  impressive range of PIPE-MAX Polishing Equipment that allows for comfortable grinding and polishing from small to large pipe diameters up to 200mm as well as flat surfaces.

Intelligent design caters for left and right handed operation

  • Can be set up for right handed or left handed use for side and over head working
  • Main connection -230 V ~ 50 60Hz
  • Rating – Up to 1750 watts
  • Speed – Infinitely adjustable from 950 to 3,500 rpm
  • Belt dimensions – 40 x 780 mm

Innovative damping system allows for easy pipe adjustments

  • New developed damping system with gas pressure dampers makes for very easy pipe adjustments and fatigue free operation
  • User friendly design allows for easy of efficient belt changing
  • Ideal belt guide using stainless steel fittings with no additional adjustments required

Pipe Sniper belt grinder, an extremely powerful handheld pipe belt grinder

  • 1750 watts, with variable speeds of 1000-3800 rpm
  • Purpose built for pipes, ensuring the best possible finish
  • Allows machining with 2/3 envelopment thanks to the optimised clamp gripping system, enabling 360 degree machining from a single working position

The PIPE MAX base set offers various grinding and fleece belts for perfect industrial grinding on pipes and flat surfaces.