Dot Water Set from Hipex

A unique and innovative way to heat and circulate hot water.

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For a unique and innovative way to heat and circulate hot
water, Hipex have the answer.

Using steam, the water is heated through a corrugated tube
bundle and then all condensate is returned back into the water loop

  • Vertical orientation for better space usage
  • Low noise levels
  • Integrated expansion tank
  • Eliminated need for separate steam traps

Due to the few gaskets and valves being used there
is minimal maintenance needed on this

  • A
    standard operating flow range 2,000-60,000 l/h
  • A
    standard operating temperature 20-150o C
  • Full
    stainless steel wetted construction

Because of the innovation of the circulate of hot
water, this water saving and unique Hot Water Set from Hipex is the answer for
water heating. 

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