Improve Operation Efficiency and Plant Productivity with Highly Accurate Instrumentation from Turck Australia

Improve accuracy and performance with Industrial Automation Instrumentation

Business Name: Turck Australia


Turck provide a broad range of industrial automation instrumentation that provide high accuracy and excellent performance, with simple and safe mounting and operation.

As experts in the industry, Turck can provide professional advice to those seeking quality automation equipment and solution-orientated expertise.

Reduce downtime and increase productivity

  • Superior sensor technology makes production faster and more efficient
  • Distributed I/O products helps lower installation costs and significantly reduces start up time and labour
  • Reduce downtime with rugged, quick disconnect connectivity products
  • Available in various lengths and diameters, temperature transducers offer maximum flexibility for control and process optimisation
  • Pressure sensors offer superior reliability and accuracy with compact designs and direct mounting options for easy monitoring 
  • Flow meters continuously measure the volume per time unit relative to the defined pipe cross-section, delivering high repeatability and accuracy

Turck’s extensive line of products includes advanced sensors, measurement, instrumentation, connectivity, interface and networks that meet clients’ application demands.