Integrated Scrubber Sweepers from Tennant

Get first rate sweeping and scrubbing results using the one piece of machinery. Simple to operate and will increase operator productivity.


The Tennant M20 and M30 Integrated Ride On Scrubber Sweepers fully integrated cleaning equipment, boosts productivity, deliverers superior sweeping and scrubbing performance in one machine. 

These industrial scrubbers are the industry’s only sweeper scrubbers that sweep and scrub in a single system, offering superior cleaning results in just one pass.

Control dust while sweeping wet or dry
The M20 and M30 feature a wet/dry synthetic fibre panel filter that enables excellent dust control while sweeping wet or dry.

  • Integrated scrubbing and sweeping system eliminates machine complexity and improves reliability
  • Manoeuvre easily, indoors and out, with front wheel steering and high traction scrubber tyres
  • Reduce training time with Touch-N-Go™ one button operation
  • The ErgoSpace™ operator compartment increases operator comfort, visibility and safety
  • Maximise productivity and safety with ‘easy to clean and sanitise’, large Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks

Maximise productivity and safety with ‘easy to clean and sanitise’, large Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks.

Tennant FaST® Equipment
Increase productivity and increase safety with Tennant FaST®; floors cleaned with FaST® are cleaner and safer for use and are NFSI certified to reduce the risk of slip and fall. FaST® is ideal for less porous surfaces such as coated floors. 

Tennant ES®
Dramatically extend cleaning time, even when cleaning porous concrete, by continually filtering and recycling recovered solution with the ES® system.

Tennant ec-H2O™
Electrically converts plain tap water to perform like a powerful detergent, without any added chemicals, using up to 70% less water.

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