Linear Grinding and Polishing Equipment for Surface Finishes from 111 Abrasives Australia

Linear Grinding and Polishing Equipment is used for pipes but can also be used on flat surfaces for fine finishes on metals and wood.


The Poly-PTX 800 is a multi functional grinder/polisher for high quality decorative finishes and open or closed pipe constructions. It is the original Poly-PTX machine from the inventor of hand held linear polishers.

This linear machine is also able to function as a surface grinder.

Large Range of Abrasive Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Variable speed from 950 3,700 rpm, with easy adjustment of the speed during operation
  • 1750 Watt, strongest on the market
  • Up to 150mm wide grinding wheels can be fitted to the Poly-PTX 800+
  • The Poly-PTX  machines can be ordered with an Eco-Smart adapter which enables you to put on wheels up to 150mm wide
  • Biggest range of abrasive grinding tools and polishing tools now useable from the Poly-PTX range and the Eco Smart range

Linear Grinders and Polishers for Flat or Curved Surfaces

  • Ideal for surface grinding, sanding, polishing, matt, satin and fine finishing
  • For removing welds, deep scratches, rust, dirt, paint and oxide on stainless steel, steel, non ferrous metals and wood
  • Can be used on flat or curved surfaces and pipes

111 Abrasives Australia provides quality Industrial Hardware with
the original from the inventor of handheld linear polishers/grinding
equipment with enormous high torque.