Measurement Innovation – Electronic Test & Measurement Specialists

Electronic Test and Measurement devices for commercial and industrial applications

Business Name: Measurement Innovation


Agilent Technologies, Aaronia AG, Eagle Microwave, General Dynamics, Psiber Data Systems and RF Tools electronic test and measurement systems.

Measurement Innovation is an Australian owned company specialising in the supply and hire of electronic test & measurement equipment for commercial and industrial applications.

Measurement Innovation has an extensive range of  measurement equipment (including for hire) and test equipment available including top name brands. All products are available for immediate delivery.

Agilent Technologies
Agilent Technologies has been the world’s premiere Test & Measurement company since 1939.

  • Hand held/Benchtop DDMs
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Function / ARB / Pulse Generators
  • Basic Power Supplies

Aaronia AG

  • RF antennas (biconical and log periodic)
  • EMC close-field probes
  • Spectran RF Spectrum Analysers
  • Spectran LF Spectrum Analysers
  • Exposure meters
  • RF shielding materials

Eagle Microwave

  • Directional Bridges
  • Power dividers
  • Power Splitters
  • Calibration Kits

General Dynamics
A broad range of RF Communications test sets, ideal for testing analogue AM/FM and digital 2-way radios.

  • R8000 RF Communications Analyser 
  • R8000 3GHz Premiere Package 
  • R8000 1GHz Premiere Package

Psiber Data Systems

  • Cable testers (including the WireXpert)
  • LAN testers
  • LAN analysers
  • WiFi 3D planning software

RF Tools software

  • Spectrum logging
  • Signal strength recording
  • Interference measurements
  • Distance to fault (cable fault location)
  • Insertion loss
  • Return loss

Training Videos
Measurement Innovation produces a range of training videos on selected test & measurement products.

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