Nozzles for Dust Control and Suppression in Mining and Gas Cooling and Conditioning by Spraying Systems Co.

High tech spray systems offering excellent food preservation solutions


Spraying Systems Co.® supply a range of nozzles for spraying that provide superior dust control and suppression, these nozzles can be incorporated into AutoJet® systems to deliver complexly automated wet spray technology needed in dumping, transport, conveying and continuous mining applications.

Effective wet spray technology for dust prevention and suppression

  • Nozzles to control coal and ore dust particles in above and below ground locations as well as both enclosed and exposed locations
  • Highly effective and economical wet systems with water sprays to prevent and capture airborne dust
  • Systems can apply either plain water, surfactants, foam or binders to control or suppress  dust
  • Manually operated or AutoJet® fully automatic systems are available to meet your specific requirements

Reliable Flomax® nozzles combined with the AutoJet® System improves gas cooling and conditioning efficiency in primary metals

  • Eliminate high energy costs by quickly cooling gases to a lower temperature and reducing overall volume
  • Allows for precise control of both temperature and humidity to maximise dust collection and ESP performance
  • Requires minimal ongoing maintenance and lowers costs associated with government compliance
  • Completely automated system reduces labour costs and downtime

Spraying Systems Co.® have designed a range of nozzles that provide increased efficiencies in the mining and gas industries so that you can reliably control dust and safely cool and condition gas.

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