PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blasters

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Business Name: Oli Vibrators Pty Ltd


PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blasters perform a double action on the bulk material, or :
1) Shockwave generated by single impact of hammer piston
2) High pressure air blast

The PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blaster is particularly efficient with powders which tend to pack under pressure, as well as with very fine, dry powders. It represents the perfect solution against bridging or rat-holing problems.

Operation is intermittent at a pressure ranging from 3 to 6 bar (44 ~ 87 PSI).

Its robust design makes the PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blaster suitable both indoor outdoor installation. External body parts are manufactured from galvanized steel POM.

PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blasters are supplied with a mounting plate which has to be welded on the , or wall. A safety chain prevents accidental dropping during installation or maintenance.

PICJET PJ Combined Hammer Blasters come in three different sizes.


  • Coils available in different voltages from 24 V both DC AC to 230 V (ATEX)
  • Timer to adjust period of the blast (min 30 sec)
  • Fully pneumatic kit


  • Patented, compact design with integrated valve
  • High performance
  • Reliable in operation

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