Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitters and Digital Pressure Gauges from Dwyer

Pressure transmitters, switches and gauges are perfect for a range of industries and applications for the safe measure of liquid and gas.


Dwyer, among many things, manufactures pressure transmitters and switches which are suitable for a variety of applications including HVAC, building automation, process control industries, dust collection and pneumatic conveying, food/beverage and pharmaceutical and general manufacturing markets.

Their range includes: 

Pressure Switches

  • Pressure switches for water and air
  • Pressure switches for very low ranges
  • Pressure switches for hazardous areas

Pressure Transmitters

  • Pressure transmitters with multiple ranges
  • Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters
  • Pressure transmitters for Hydraulics

Pressure Gauges

  • Digital Pressure Gauges
Visit their website for more information and product descriptions.

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