Safeguard Hazardous Areas with Industrial Safety Systems from SICK

Industrial Safety Systems include protection components, safety switches and software for safeguarding hazardous areas

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A specialist sensor manufacture, SICK develop pioneering products for safeguarding hazardous zones and for access protection.

Highly efficient Safexpert Software

  • Be guided through the conformity assessment
  • Safely and effectively attain CE certification
  • Simplify the work and save time

Self-monitoring Opto Electronic Protective Devices

  • Intelligent, opto electronic safety devices like industrial sensors, laser scanners, light grids and light curtains
  • Can be used for safeguarding dangerous points, hazardous areas and access control, both vertically and horizontally
  • These non contact devices can be tested and they correspond with worldwide safety standards

Stop and start machines safely with Safety Command Devices

  • Safety command devices are of major importance as man machine interface in industrial applications
  • Dangerous movements can be stopped safely and machine functions can be started safely whilst the protective device is open

There is a growing importance put on integrating intelligent safety systems in automated environments. SICK’s range of industrial safety systems ensures that workplace areas can be accessed safely and hazardous zones are safeguarded.

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