Salvagnini standard and custom shape tooling presented by Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

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The Salvagnini shaping tool is a high quality tooling
solution. It is used for both standard and custom shape tooling.

Standard and custom tooling

  • Made with the highest grade tool steel
  • Premium punch performance
  • Longer lasting product

Available in 4 coating options

  • Optima – provides longer tool life, more hits
    between sharpening , reduced galling, better performance and less downtime.
  • Wear-Beater™- Titanium nitride coating to reduce
    galling and extend punch life
  • Nitrex – high endurance surface to increase
    punch press tooling
  • Slip-Max™- combined coating of hardness and

With coating options to extend the product life, the
Salvagnini shape tool is designed for quality, accuracy and a prolonged life

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