Tailored Duplex Filtration Solutions from Au-livic

Tailored Duplex Filtration Solutions from Au-livic

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We aim to design the most suitable customized filtration systems to suit individual requirements.

LIVIC provides systems with reliable performance and a variety of specifications which meet high temperature, high pressure, ultra-high flowrate, convenient operation, automation, special materials, special anti-corrosion surface treatment and other special requirements.

In many projects, LIVIC provides comprehensive filtration system package including multi-stage filtration units, AODD pumps, valves and connection piping as well as steam, compressed air, processing gas.

Duplex Filtration

Economical filter 鈹 Tri-clamp closure 鈹 Easy to operate 鈹 Suitable for conventional filtration 鈹 Low flow rate and low pressure.

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