Temperature sensors, transmitters, controllers, switches and thermometers from Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer manufactures a complete range of temperature and control instruments in line with your business needs


Dwyer Instruments have earned their reputation as a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry with a product line that is of high quality, reliable, and price competitive. Dwyer manufactures temperature sensors, transmitters and controllers which are suitable for a variety of applications including HVAC, building automation, process control industries, refrigeration, food/beverage and general manufacturing markets.

Temperature Controller / Switch comes in a range of:

  • Temperature/ Process Controllers
  • Temperature switches
  • Refrigeration temperature switches
  • Digital Temperature Switches

Temperature Sensor / Transmitter range includes:

  • Duct and Immersion temperature sensors
  • Outdoor temperature sensors
  • Wall mount temperature sensors
  • Averaging temperature sensors
  • Strap-on temperature sensors
Thermometer range includes: 

  • Bimetal thermometers
  • Digital / Solar powered thermometers
  • Temperature Label

All instruments are ISO9001:2008 certified.

For more information on Dwyers extensive range of quality products, please visit their website.

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