Variable Speed Angle Grinders from 111 Abrasives Australia

Variable Speed Angle Grinders allow different disc types to be used and changed with ease. These include grinding, cutting and flap discs.

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111 Abrasives Australia provides high quality speed controlled angle and surface grinders for the real abrasive grinding and polishing professional. This includes the new and improved Varilex 1800 Variable Speed Angle Grinders.

Intelligent variable speed adjustment eliminates potential damage

  • Variable speed adjustment eliminates any potential damage to the item being grinded or polished
  • Features variable speed from 2,000-7,600rpm 
  • Powerful motor up to 1750 W 
  • Ideal for using flap discs as well as grinding discs and cutting discs due to optimal speed adjustment
  • Variable Speed Angle Grinders provide balanced handle ensuring fatigue free grinding

Variable adjustment doubles the service life of a flap disc

  • Features a preventing glazing of the disc and heat deformation on the workpiece
  • Drastically reduced noise level 
  • VARILEX differs from a conventional angle grinder by being able to change discs in seconds without tools, using the patented EASY-LOCK clamping nut and spindle lock
  • Optimal speed for a range of grinding tools and polishing tools for perfect results every time

The Variable Speed Angle Grinders deliver efficient and precise polishing and grinding performance. These innovative machines provide the ideal solution to your grinding requirements.