[Video] Save space, time and money with rotary gear pumps

Hydro Innovations presents the Gorman-Rupp G Series, a range of self
priming positive displacement rotary gear pumps designed to deliver superior
performance in the transfer of process fluids.

The Gorman-Rupp G Series gear pumps are available in Medium-Duty,
Heavy-Duty and Extreme-Duty (abrasive service) models, and made using cast
iron, cast steel and stainless steel materials. Unique features in the G Series
enable the pumps to perform better and last longer in diverse applications.

Key features of Gorman-Rupp G Series rotary gear pumps include an
automatic idler pin lubrication system using the pumped fluid to continuously
cool and lubricate the idler pin and bush to reduce wear; an internal seal
cavity venting system providing a continuous flow of liquid through the seal
area, ensuring cooling, reducing pressure and increasing seal life; and a deep ‘end-feed’
area offering superior priming performance under low inlet pressure conditions
and/or high viscosity liquids.

Easy to service, the gear pumps can handle a variety of liquids
including highly viscous, high temperature and abrasive fluids, and offer a
broad range of sealing options.

Please visit the Hydro Innovations website
to learn more about Gorman-Rupp rotary gear pumps.

Watch Tim Webster,
Hydro Innovations explain how to save space, time and money with rotary gear

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